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Stripes Collection | Soft Blanket

Sale price$59.00 USD
This exquisitely soft blanket, in the Stripes Collection is filled with Holyfiber for unparalleled comfort. Crafted from 100% premium jersey cotton fabric, this blanket epitomizes luxury and coziness in every thread. Its plush texture is delicately enhanced by the gentle touch of Holyfiber filling, ensuring a heavenly embrace for ultimate relaxation.

Indulge in the sublime softness and elegance of this blanket as it envelops you in a cocoon of comfort. Whether draped over your bed for a peaceful night's sleep or used as a stylish accent piece in your living space, its sophisticated design and superior craftsmanship elevate any setting. Experience the epitome of luxury with our Soft blanket from the Stripes collection, where every moment is infused with divine comfort and timeless style.
Color:Blue Stripes
Bedding Size Chart


CARRIGE 40X60 cm 16" x 24"

48X86 cm

19" x 34"
CRIB + TODDLER 70X135X20 cm 27.5" x 53" x 8"
TWIN 90X200X20 cm 35" x 79" x 8"
TWIN XL 120X200X20 cm 47" x 79" x 8"
QUEEN 160X200X30 cm 63" x 79" x 12"
KING 180X200X30 cm 71" x 79" x 12"
CAL KING 200X200X30 cm 79" x 79" x 12"



TODDLER 150X100 cm 59" x 39"
TWIN 155X210 cm 61" x 82"
TWIN XL 155X210 cm 61" x 82" 
QUEEN 210X220 cm 82" x 86"



TODDLER 30X40 cm 12" x 16"
STANDARD 50X70 cm 50" x 27.5"
Stripes Collection | Soft Blanket
Stripes Collection | Soft Blanket Sale price$59.00 USD