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Barato Collection | Sateen 600 | Duvet Set

Sale price$179.00 USD

Immerse yourself in the opulence of the Barato Collection, renowned for its intricate embroidery encircling both the pillow and duvet.

Introducing our exquisite new Sateen fabric, crafted from a limited edition of 100% Egyptian cotton meticulously combed to a density of 600 threads per inch. Infused with the unique properties of satin threads, this fabric seamlessly adjusts to the body's temperature, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the seasons. The pillowcase features a timeless white frame, evoking a classic aesthetic. Complete the set with our luxurious sheets and additional smooth or embroidered pillowcases for a pampering experience akin to that of a prestigious hotel.

Set Includes:

  • Queen - 1 Fitted Sheet & 2 Standard Pillowcases
  • Twin  - 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Standard Pillowcases

The color option refers to the trim color

Trim Color:
Bedding Size Chart


CARRIGE 40X60 cm 16" x 24"

48X86 cm

19" x 34"
CRIB + TODDLER 70X135X20 cm 27.5" x 53" x 8"
TWIN 90X200X20 cm 35" x 79" x 8"
TWIN XL 120X200X20 cm 47" x 79" x 8"
QUEEN 160X200X30 cm 63" x 79" x 12"
KING 180X200X30 cm 71" x 79" x 12"
CAL KING 200X200X30 cm 79" x 79" x 12"



TODDLER 150X100 cm 59" x 39"
TWIN 155X210 cm 61" x 82"
TWIN XL 155X210 cm 61" x 82" 
QUEEN 210X220 cm 82" x 86"



TODDLER 30X40 cm 12" x 16"
STANDARD 50X70 cm 50" x 27.5"
Barato Collection | Sateen 600 | Duvet Set
Barato Collection | Sateen 600 | Duvet Set Sale price$179.00 USD